When those exit signs guided me

It would really take much time if there were no exit signs there at that time. You know, that new shopping center was really large so that I could hardly know the way out if the exit signs did not guide me. Luckily, the exit signs provided at that new shopping center were really helpful. Those exit signs had really guided me to the right way to leave the shopping center.

If all the time, when I enter the big building, I have never noticed any sign there because I often enter the building, it was really different when I enter that new shopping center. The exit sings had become so important for me. You might also have such experience when entering a new building. So, at this good chance, I would like to remind the big building owners to always pay attention to every sign needed there.

There are many kinds of signs to provide in and outside the big building such as emergency signs and exit signs. Not only the new buildings, but the old ones also need such signs when an emergency happens. People usually can go panic when an emergency happens, so the right signs to show the right ways are very important.

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