Water heater leaking from the top

Hot water leaking at the top there is a leak in the connection of the tubes where the crew in the Water heater leaking from the top. This is corrosion in the section. When faced with this kind of problem you have to find a solution as soon as possible so the cost after that very expensive fix. Here are the possible solutions that can be made. First, strengthen the connection of the tube with an adjustable wrench. Second, check valves TPRV. These valves have an important role in the release of water and pressure. If it is leaking you have to turn down the thermostat, open valves and release TPRV a small amount of water.
The next thing you have to do to fix water heater leaking from the top is to check the resistance before it turns off the heater. If you find it loose tighten. On the other hand, if the threaded connection has a leak that remove and clean. Then wrapped with tape and re-install plumbing. Finally, if the tank is leaking, the best you have to do is replace it. Besides this way, the last option if you find that does not work, you can fix water heater leaking from the top of the plumber asking for help Water heater leaking from the top.

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