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It is l effect I dominate that it is being made to feel in the galaxy of the how to small business : the crisis is touching in way much fort and to bottom the microenterprises, those which  to the control of the mayoralties and the associations of category and often they do not enter not even in the official numbers.  Sometimes they call to us because they are not in a position to advancing the questions for the unemployment compensation - Alexander explains Grappling irons, in charge of the small enterprise for the  - and often they make to understand that in front of lasting of difficulty they could also. Grappling irons door also l example of un company of  eight dependent in the metal and mechanics, whose owner has given like last term 31 December, if for that date not will be un radical change of direction then will change simply trade. While, the Chamber of Commerce has attested that the enterprises that they have closed the clappers in the province of are descents, altogether, of 27 units, to a nearly physiological number but that it above all interests the smallest enterprises, those which are fighting the blows of tail of the crisis. " I confirm this tendency - the Faustus supports Guns.

Entrepreneur and in charge of the Phi Umbria, that he collects small and averages enterprises - is un negative action that is being developed through the restrictions to the credit that then comes unloaded to goes them. Guns explain that the small companies are tied nearly unconsciously to two, three great customers. Enough that also one of they slows down the payments because all becomes, for the little ones, most complicated. Dither part here  it is the conception to only identify own supplier not like a partner but like someone on which unloading own difficulties. And in those situations the enterprises difficultly can resist. It explains Mark Mercerise, managing of the Bank of the Marches.

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