unless financial increases

The worse one must still arrive for the small enterprises, while large some small opening of begins to resumption to see it fruit of some good order. Orders that lack even if above all lack a culture altogether enterprise that does not watch carefully to the  Between l other the micro had better than that large one answered to the first moments of the crisis little employee, unless financial increases in weight, more flexibility. And for sure backs some entrepreneur also has believed to pass undamaged. Some time lacks the wish dell innovation - it is l opinion of Guns - and also that to watch ahead. But now it is the moment of the solidarity. But to decrease more they are above all the enterprises metal worker and mechanics, altogether, of they are disappeared 32, with an occupational balance negative at least of 100 workers. And this only in the first half dell year. The tendency seems to grow continuous Guns  we is ready to giving our contribution of acquaintance and aid to the impendent. A collaboration attitude that famous also to the  even if declarations do not release.  We must by force enter in way competes in a world that is not  and that it leaves own workers without attentions, it concludes Grappling irons. Also in order to avoid repeating itself of the case dell company of plastics of the pole of Saint Liberates di Nairn that has without warning closed the twelve dependent are emersion in their difficulty when they have gone to ask aid the Social Services because they did not know like paying the bills of the current.

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